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DoppelterEinsatz-Happy Doppelter Einsatz "Happy Birthday" (1994) [2:16]
Featuring Despina Pajanou
Keywords: tape gag, rope, hands together over head, ankles together, Germany
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DoppelterEinsatz-Schatten Doppelter Einsatz "Schatten der vergangenheit" (1994) [2:11]
Featuring Henny Reents and Despina Pajanou
Keywords: knockout (blow), tape gag, tape bondage, hands in front, hands behind, ankles together, Germany
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DoppelterEinsatz-Despina Doppelter Einsatz "Spurlos verschwunden" (1994) [1:19]
Featuring Despina Pajanou and Nina Weniger
Keywords: tape gags, handcuffs, cable ties, hands in front, hands together over head, onscreen gagging, underwear, Germany
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